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Step By Step Process To Apply For New Zealand Immigration From Dubai

You have to consider factors in order to apply for New Zealand immigration from Dubai. There are various types of New Zealand immigration Dubai programs that allow skilled workers to come to New Zealand from Dubai based on different eligibility criteria. Once you have selected your immigration program, the following are some of the basic steps that you need to follow throughout the process of immigration.

Submission Of Expression Of Interest

The very first thing you need to do is to submit an EOI. The expression of interest includes detailed information about the applicant, such as previous employment history, skills, qualifications, and other basic details. This form is also used to check the health and character of the applicant, that are necessary for immigration purposes. It is a point-based system and is used to give points to the applicants based on the provided answers on the form. The immigration applicant must score at least 100 points in order to be eligible for immigration. However, the New Zealand government has increased the requirement to 160 points to meet the eligibility criteria. If you find any kind of difficulty in understanding the process, make sure to find the help of ICCRC registered consultants in UAE.

Invitation To Apply

Months applicant meets the points requirement according to the authorities, they will receive an invitation to apply from the government of New Zealand. Now, the applicant must provide all the proofs that he or she has stated in EOI, such as character certificate, medical clearing report, birth certificate, qualification credentials, and other proofs. Throughout this process, the applicants also have to submit the fees for the visa application.

Assessment Of The Documents

Once you have submitted all the required documents along with the application, the concerned authorities of New Zealand will assess and verify all the documents. New Zealand will then schedule an interview with the applicant. The main purpose of the interview is to check whether the applicant is suitable for immigration or not. Once the embassy approves your interview and all other documents, you will receive the permit to work legally in New Zealand. Once you enter the country, the government will give you 9 months to find a suitable and relevant job as per your qualifications, skills, and previous experience.

Basic Requirements To Apply For New Zealand Immigration


You can find various relevant job opportunities in New Zealand through many immigration programs from Dubai. Make sure that you meet all the basic requirements in order to avoid any pitfalls throughout the process of application. The best thing you can do to avoid these pitfalls and to meet all the documentation requirements is to hire an immigration consultant agency.

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